David M. Martinez DMD

Cosmetic Dentistry & Family Dentistry in Fort Myers, FL

David Martinez, DMD

David M. Martinez, DMD, is a highly skilled dental specialist with a dedication to delivering  customized care. Through his work at First Street Family Dentistry in Fort Myers, Florida, Dr. Martinez takes great pride in enhancing the smiles of people of all ages and from all backgrounds. 

He is a passionate and innovative dentist who has always had a love for both the arts and the sciences. Born and raised in Florida, he attended art school for most of his childhood, honing his skills in painting, sculpture, and graphic design.

After completing his high school education, he decided to pursue a career in dentistry, but he didn't want to give up his passion for the arts. He attended the University of Florida, where he majored in biology while also taking courses in studio art and art history.

Dr. Martinez then went on to attend dental school at Nova Southeastern University, where he excelled in his studies and was known for his creativity and artistic approach to dentistry. During his time in dental school, he also took advantage of opportunities to continue his art education, attending local workshops and exhibitions.

After graduating from dental school, he began his career as a general dentist, but he quickly discovered that his background in the arts gave him a unique perspective on patient care. He began incorporating his artistic skills into his dental practice, using his eye for detail and aesthetics to create beautiful, natural-looking smiles for his patients.

Today, Dr. Martinez is known in the community as a skilled and compassionate dentist who combines his expertise in dentistry with his love of art to provide his patients with exceptional care. He is committed to helping his patients achieve the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve.